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If you are looking at this section, it means that, you are already a member of the global financial market and are planning a transaction in the banking and financial services market, or are already in the process of completing such a transaction.


When you have a need for investments, obtaining a loan from a bank or financial funds, when you are a project owner and a business owner, you enter the financial market to resolve your issues and obtain your financial needs.


Perhaps you are looking for the necessary opportunities yourself, or involve third parties for this purpose. Perhaps you have received offers. At first glance, everything seems simple and straightforward. And only in the course of the implementation of the plan, you are faced with many unknown components, pitfalls and unforeseen situations.


Transactions with banking instruments, securities, lending operations, obtaining investments, etc. have many subtleties and require special knowledge, skills and experience, from which professionalism is formed.


The group of companies under the Bernard Group brand has been a leader in the banking services market since 2009. Our companies employ professionals with legal, economic and banking education. The experience of financial and banking transactions is huge (more than 15-20 years for each). We know almost all the pitfalls in these transactions; we had to deal with a huge number of fraudulent schemes and unscrupulous counterparties. Our experience and professionalism have helped hundreds of our clients to avoid losses and preserve their capital, as well as receive substantial profits from successful transactions.


We are ready, using the professionalism of our company's employees; we are ready to assist you in accompanying transactions in the financial and banking services market.


You can get:

short consultation (30 minutes) - 150 euros; detailed consultation on your request and / or transaction (60-90 minutes or in writing) - 300 euros;


You can also order full support for your transaction, starting with the conclusion of a contract, verification of counterparties, a package of consultations, the involvement of our specialist in negotiations, written consultation with the issuance of recommendations, verification of documents of your counterparties for originality, verification of SWIFTs, issued cheques, BG, SBLC etc.


The cost of such support will depend on the tasks set, the required number of hours of consultation, the need for document checks and other factors. As a rule, it is determined after filling out a questionnaire and a full detailed consultation.


To order a service, write to us by e-mail with your request and the selected type of service.

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