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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

A group of companies under the Bernard Group brand has been operating around the world in the financial and banking services market since 2009.

For many years of work, we have encountered with a huge number of fraudsters and cases of deception of customers by unscrupulous people and companies.

We always sympathize with people who have become victims of scammers. But it is often too late to do something. In order to prevent fraud and warn people from all over the world who, in one way or another, try to make successful transactions in the banking and financial services market, we have created a Telegram channel, where we publish data of fraudsters, as well as fake ones made by fraudsters’ documents.

However, it is impossible to publish all the scammers in the world, and a huge number of new fake documents that are created every day.

The big money that circulates in the banking and financial sector attracts a very large number of criminals, scammers, hackers, thieves and other dishonest people. And we understand how not easy it is to understand this flow of information and the abundance of versatile offers that, at first glance, seem attractive.

Many decent participants in the financial market, not being experts in the field or not having access to banking information, cannot determine whether the transaction is fair or they have fallen into the trap of fraudsters. Was the money sent to the account, or were they provided with a fake SWIFT MT 103? Is the financial instrument the original, or is it a well-made fake?

Therefore, Bernard Group has decided to introduce a new service - checking documents, SWIFT messages, banking instruments and counterparties, conducting Due Diligence of the company and or transactions.

This service will help you save tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros, reputation and nerves.

The cost of the service will depend on the request and the complexity of implementation and is divided into categories:

1. Quick check of a document, payment, financial instrument for its originality, with a short answer from the Bernard Group - 500 Euro;

2. Detailed verification of the documents, payment, financial instrument with the receipt of a detailed report from the Bernard Group 1000 Euro - 2000 Euro;

3. Detailed verification of the document, payment, financial instrument with the receipt of a detailed report from the Bernard Group and receipt of recommendations for actions to prevent fraud by unscrupulous financial market participants - from 3000 Euro;

4. VIP verification, with the provision of a detailed report from the Bernard Group, confirmation by a letter from a leading European bank. Also, a detailed recommendation for conducting this and / or similar transactions, answers to your questions - from 5000 Euro;

In order for us to be able to process your request as efficiently and quickly as possible, send it to by e-mail, indicating the desired verification category and wait for our response.

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