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Real Estate in America

Real Estate in America

Providing high-quality real estate services to our local and international clients, using our experience and deep understanding of real estate, taxation and securities laws, as well as the dynamics of local and national real estate markets.


We provide high-quality services to our clients using our experience and in-depth knowledge of real estate, taxation, securities law, and market dynamics in New York and the United States.


Our company is at the forefront of the tokenization revolution. We advise clients on tokenization of various types of real estate.


Our clients include investors, property owners, foundations, developers, family offices, landlords, and wealthy individuals.


Our services also include representation of clients who are in the process of purchasing, selling or financing multi-family buildings, offices, residential and commercial real estate. We also structure complex joint ventures and incoming investments in American real estate.


We carefully approach each transaction, developing a detailed plan that takes into account the individual conditions, goals and long-term prospects of each client.

Purchase of commercial real estate: The process of buying and selling commercial real estate in New York can take a long time. In addition to the buyer and seller, such transactions involve valuation experts, brokers, representatives of financial organizations, environmental service inspectors, and representatives of the land cadaster. That is why qualified legal support and consideration of all related requirements is crucial.


Bernard Group AG offers a full package of services to support investors, owners and potential buyers in the process of concluding transactions for the purchase and sale of commercial real estate in New York.


Our lawyers offer full legal support to clients when buying or selling commercial real estate in New York, including multi-family, multi-purpose and office buildings, industrial real estate, warehouses and shopping centers.


Our real estate services provide support at all stages, from the initial negotiations to the closing of the transaction, and include:

  1. negotiation, preparation and analysis of purchase offers and sales contracts;

  2. verification of property rights and resolution of issues related to title documents;

  3. structuring commercial real estate transactions to optimize client taxation using the provisions of Section 1031 of the Tax code;

  4. establishment of legal entities and trusts to register ownership of commercial real estate for tax optimization;

  5. comprehensive legal inspections of real estate objects;

  6. assistance to clients in obtaining financing for the purchase of real estate;

  7. transaction closing services, including preparation and analysis of purchase and sale agreements and other necessary documents.

Also, when renting and buying and selling housing in USA, foreign clients face a number of difficulties: the complexity of American legislation, the specifics of the local real estate market and the need to spend their time.


Legal support helps you go through all the stages of such transactions with maximum efficiency – from planning the transaction structure for tax optimization to processing all the necessary documents.


Bernard Group AG has been representing clients from Europe and Asia for many years in New York city rental and sale transactions, as well as luxury properties in the Hamptons and Montauk.


Our clients include wealthy individuals, family offices, investors, diplomats, trust managers, and all those who need the help of experienced lawyers in the following cases:

  • purchase / sale of apartments in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens;

  • residential property for rent;

  • buy / sell a townhouse (low-rise apartment building) in New York city;

  • buy and rent homes in the Hamptons and other areas of long island, including SAG Harbor and Mantauk.

For legal support of real estate transactions in the United States, please contact the Bernard Group.

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