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The company "Bernard Group" began its activities in 03.01.1991.  Today it is an investment company, which occupies a leading position in the market.  We had the amazing opportunity to become investors and business partners of several startups who subsequently managed to show significant profits.  We provide them with active support and provide recommendations on how to raise funds in the process of developing their business.  Contact us and schedule a consultation if you want to find out what exactly we can do to implement your idea


Established in 2009, Bernard Group is a Swiss-based and globally represented boutique private equity and investment fund, specializing in the provision of a wide range of financial services for the private and public sectors.


Our Vision is to provide the world’s most practical, cost-effective, and intelligent solutions for our global client base.

Our firm invests in the following industry sectors of Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Private Equity Portfolios, Technology, and Telecommunication Infrastructure, Construction and Real Estate, Mining and Natural Resources, Utility Scale Power Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense.


Our primary focus is the provision of financial services including but not limited to, direct investment, debt-financing, collateralization, monetization of financial instruments, and issuance thereof. 


Our Peripheral range of services includes private banking solutions for high net worth individuals and organizations, global KYC investigations, verification and authentication of financial instruments, and discreet due diligence to support M&A activity.


Our Client portfolio is comprised of a diverse group of structures from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

We value our client's confidentiality, thus the portfolios displayed on our website, are a simple glance at what we do.


Our Board of Directors and the management team is a strategically selected combination of 32 brilliant individuals, with an incredibly deep understanding of global business structures. We speak a total of 17 languages and have a combined 30+ years of cross-border experience.


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Bernard Group includes a consortium of companies around the world......


Bernard Group AG is an expert financial services provider in investment...

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